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Orbitec Limited supplies the Orbitec range of high specification, low cost Orbital welding systems, related equipment and accessories to the UK & Irish markets. 

Orbitec design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of systems, products and accessories for the Orbital TIG Process. Our products are employed across a diverse range of industries including: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Food & Dairy, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Offshore and Nuclear.

The standard Orbitec product range is manufactured by Orbitec GmbH, based near Frankfurt in Germany. Here in Derby we at Orbitec Limited have more than Thirty five years experience applying the various process techniques across a diverse range of industries from Dairy to Nuclear. This combined with the ability to design and manufacture bespoke tooling means cost savings and quality improvements can be achieved on less obvious applications, often in novel and innovative ways.

The process and equipment experience available from our orbital engineers forms the bedrock of our business and provides an invaluable source of reference in support of our sales, hire, service, design and training activities.